Robust Phase Retrieval and Super-Resolution from One Bit Coded Diffraction Patterns


In this paper we study a realistic setup for phase retrieval, where the signal of interest is modulated or masked and then for each modulation or mask a diffraction pattern is collected, producing a coded diffraction pattern (CDP) [CLM13]. We are interested in the setup where the resolution of the collected CDP is limited by the Fraunhofer diffraction limit of the imaging system. We investigate a novel approach based on a geometric quantization scheme of phase-less linear measurements into (one-bit) coded diffraction patterns, and a corresponding recovery scheme. The key novelty in this approach consists in comparing pairs of coded diffractions patterns across frequencies: the one bit measurements obtained rely on the order statistics of the un-quantized measurements rather than their values . This results in a robust phase recovery, and unlike currently available methods, allows to efficiently perform phase recovery from measurements affected by severe (possibly unknown) non linear, rank preserving perturbations, such as distortions. Another important feature of this approach consists in the fact that it enables also super-resolution and blind-deconvolution, beyond the diffraction limit of a given imaging system.

arXiv:1402.2255 [cs, math, stat]